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Chettinad Silk cotton sarees or otherwise known as the Kandaangi sarees are the signature pieces crafted by the Devanga Chettiyars of Tamil Nadu. Popular for their ability to stay cool and absorb sweat during hot and humid temperatures, these hand-woven sarees are beautiful for any occasion. The 80 count cotton sarees are delightful to wear for warm weather. Say goodbye to your hot summer woes with The Desi Rani's Chettinad cotton sarees!

Pure Chettinad Silk Cotton saree
Thread count: 80*80
Running blouse in saree

Colour: Tiffany x Burnt Rose
Wash Instructions: Handwash only.


We try our best to stay true to the actual colour of the saree. However, there may be slight variation in the colour of the actual saree due to lighting/phone/desktop display setting.

Piriya Chettinad Silk Cotton Saree - Tiffany x Burnt rose

SKU: DRSC1003 Tiffany x Burnt rose
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